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‘English Connection’ release date June... This latest book in the popular ‘Connection’ series and set to add a new dimension to the action adventure books surrounding people trafficking, when Karen Harris commander of Unit T takes on a psychotic trafficker, intent on destroying her no matter what..   ‘A Darker Shade of Black’ released... Sequel to ‘Black Conspiracy’ this third book is a must read for lovers of mystery and suspense... ‘Romanian Connection’ released.. The fourth  book in the ‘connection’ series, following on from the original people traffickers series of books. Released both in e-book and paperback... Coming Soon...  Due out this year, is the sixth book in the ‘Connection’ series ‘Irish Connection’, when Karen Harris takes on the Murphy family, 37 in total run by the grandmother known as Macy.  Not are they the original neighbours from hell, but involved with drugs, prostitution and now have expanded their operations to include people trafficking... Audio Titles... Audio has come to Ragged Cover with three titles already available and many more due this year...
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