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‘Russian Connection’ release date April... This latest book in the popular ‘Connection’ series and set to add a new dimension to the action adventure books surrounding people trafficking. This time Karen Harris is alone on a covert operation to find her sister. To do this she will need to enter a world where the normal rules of law and order no longer exist, testing her skills to the limit, besides finding that money will not be the only commodity she will need, as she sinks further into the traffickers world. Paperback due in Mayl 2014 ‘Nigerian Connection’ released... The first  book in the ‘connection’ series, following on from the original people traffickers series of books. Released both in e-book and paperback. ‘The Black Conspiracy’ released.. Sequel to ‘Dark Tidings’ this second book is a must read for lovers of mystery and suspense... Coming Soon...  Due out this year, is the third book in the ‘Connection’ series. Called aptly ‘Italian Connection’, our girl, Karen is determined to prevent the Italian cartel bringing children in to Europe, from the refugee camps both in Africa and Turkey. Although she is beginning to believe she’s taken a little bit too much on herself, when she finds that just who the people behind the operation actually are!
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